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Read More Nevtro to be the distributor of Ruhrpumpen Pumps for Ontario.
Ruhrpumpen is a Global leader producing high quality, efficient and cost effective pumps. Specializing in Vertical Turbine Pumps and Split Case Pumps.
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Read More Xylem unveils new Flygt submersible model
Xylem has launched its new Flygt stainless steel submersible pump, the Flygt N3069 for use in tough industrial applications such as industrial food and aquaculture.
Now available at Nevtro.
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Read More The Vortex Impeller Will You Save Time & Money
Do you struggle with clogging issues? Flushable products can pose problems for wastewater systems.
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Read More Clogs Are No Match For These Monsters!
Are blockages a reoccurring problem? The ever-growing rag content in today’s wastewater means that operators need extra insurance against blockages for critical pumping stations. We have a monster of a solution for you!
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Read More Cuts Like A Knife – the Benefits of Stainless Steel Knife-Gate Valves
Do you know the benefits of using knife-gate valves in wastewater pipeline systems?
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Read More Cut Through With Power
When you need to remove debris and protect plant equipment, we’ve got you covered. The WANGEN X-UNIT offers a wide range of applications when impurities need to be removed.
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Read More Sulzer Solved Clogging Issues with Outstanding Pump Efficiency
The Sulzer ABS XFP pumps with the Contrablock™ impeller have solved the clogging issue. Their rag-handling ability has been proven, and the next pump will certainly be of the same type. Now available at Nevtro.
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