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Cuts Like A Knife – the Benefits of Stainless Steel Knife-Gate Valves

Do you know the benefits of using knife-gate valves in wastewater pipeline systems?

It is important to maintain components that are critical to proper function in wastewater applications, ensuring the long-term reliable function of a valve. For this reason, using stainless steel is the best option.

Knife-gates were designed to work in some of the most caustic and abrasive environments in the world, cutting through clogged, heavy liquids. Each time the valve is opened, the knife itself is cleaned by two scraper profiles integrated on both sides. These scrapers reduce unnecessary maintenance work, saving time and money.

Of course, the wastewater sector is very corrosive. Corrosion causes frequent maintenance intervals, but also involves a permanent failure risk of the valve as it prevents it from closing properly.

Knife-gate valves having a knife made of stainless steel make the valve less susceptible to damage by this corrosion. That means less service time and less frequent replacements. Which equates to efficiencies in both time and monetary expenses.

Stainless knife-gate valves are the reliable, cost-saving solution, offering increased valve flow capacity and reliable functionality.

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