Nevtro Motor Repair Services

Nevtro has complete motor repair equipment to ensure your motor is repaired properly and in a timely fashion. From washing the motor, baking the stator to rewinding, Nevtro has licensed motor technicians to complete the task.
Complete Electric Motor Testing, Rewinding & Repair.

  • Stator will be reclaimed using our burn out oven
  • Coils are neatly installed and phase insulated
  • Motors to be rewind to Class F NEMA specifications, other insulation class available upon request.
  • Motor control systems troubleshooting (VFD’s, Overloads, Contactors, Transformers)
  • Re-wind Service for AC.
  • On-site Motor Inspections.
  • After-hour and Emergency Motor, Gear Reducer & Pump Service.
  • No Charge Pick-up and Delivery Available.

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