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Clogs Are No Match For These Monsters!

Are blockages a reoccurring problem? The ever-growing rag content in today’s wastewater means that operators need extra insurance against blockages for critical pumping stations. We have a monster of a solution for you!

Sulzer’s Muffin Monster and Channel Monster have been created to tackle the increased amounts of tough solids in wastewater. These grinders reduce the risk of overflows at high-risk, heavy-rag pumping stations.

These submersible sewage pumps have a premium efficiency motor and Sulzer’s Contrablock Plus impellers and offer high hydraulic efficiency and rag handling capacity.

The Channel Monster is the best technology for wastewater solids reduction. It’s a high-flow sewer grinder, intended for large pumping stations and headworks and uses rotating drums to capture solids. These are then directed to the Muffin Monster dual-shafted grinders. The Muffin Monster uses low speed and high-torque to shred through a wide range of difficult sewage debris.

Channel Monsters are ideal for pump stations where solids need to be ground up so as not to damage screens. They are can handle even the toughest solids like disposable wipe balls.

These monsters will protect your pumping equipment from costly clogs and damage from tough solids. These efficient treatment operations separate organic & inorganic materials in the waste stream. And, you’ll love the lower operating cost. Clear pipes and pumps means your pump run cycles are shorter and you’ll have lower electrical costs. It’s a win win!

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