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The Vortex Impeller Will You Save Time & Money

Do you struggle with clogging issues? Flushable products can pose problems for wastewater systems.

Many times, these items collect on the impeller and eventually cause an obstruction and clog the system. Clogs are not only a nuisance, but they also waste time and money when dealing with them. We have a solution!

Goulds VTX series pumps have a vortex impeller – designed to resist clogging more effectively than a traditional two-vane impeller and are capable of handling solids up to 2 inches in diameter.

This submersible vortex pump creates a whirlpool of pressure that pulls solids through the system without touching the vanes of the impeller. This helps minimize clogs and allows fibrous materials to pass through the system. The pump has a single-phase motor, which can eliminate the need for a starting switch and provides maximum starting torque and energy efficiency, for quick start-up.

The oil-free dry cap feature allows a repair technician to service the capacitator in the field by pulling the pump from the pit and accessing the dry cap compartment, saving time and money on service calls.

This series of pumps are designed for continuous operation when fully submerged and can run dry without damaging the components. The VTX series is ideal for any location where waste or drainage must be disposed of quickly, quietly and efficiently.

Goulds Water Technology is built tougher, performs better and runs longer than your ordinary vortex pump. Contact us today to find out more.

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