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When you need to remove debris and protect plant equipment, we’ve got you covered. The WANGEN X-UNIT offers a wide range of applications when impurities need to be removed.

The WANGEN X-UNIT is so versatile it can be used in bio-gas plants, bio-waste operations, agriculture, liquid manure vehicle construction and wastewater treatment plants.

This complete debris mover and cutter protects your pumps and systems against stones, wood, metal parts and other foreign bodies. The knotted plaits and similar blockades are avoided – reducing your downtime considerably. This saves you time AND money.

The X-TRACT and X-CUT components are available separately but operate optimally as the co-ordinated X-UNIT. This modular structure offers clear advantages to you. For example, while completing maintenance on the X-CUT module, the X-TRACT foreign body separator can continue to be used.

Gravity causes the higher density matter to sink down and is then routed by the screen and the container geometry to the removal opening.

The X-TRACT module offers easy removal of foreign bodies through large openings and boasts rugged implementation. The geometry of the rake provides continuous cleaning through the inflowing pumped medium. The X-TRACT has a maximum capacity of 1,250 m³/h / 347 l/sec.

The WANGEN X-CUT is a cutting module and an extension of the X-TRACT. The X-CUT has a compact design with rugged implementation. The cutting tool consists of four hardened, tool-steel blades with a simple and rapid replacement process by means of a central tensioning screw. High quality materials and turning blades result in long service lives and low life-cycle costs, saving you time and money. The X-CUT has a maximum capacity of 1,250 m³/h / 347 l/sec.

Consider the WANGEN X-UNIT for your debris removal. It’s powerful and dependable.

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