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Some Kind Words from our Clients

"During a recent torrential downpour I had the pond in my backyard overflow and the excess runoff begin pouring towards the house and seeping into my basement via a window well whose drain pipe I did not know was plugged.

I called Nevtro at 9 pm on a Wednesday night and got ahold of their after hours service. Two of their outstanding employees were at my house in 25 minutes, and were able to pump out both my window well and pond into the storm drain out front of my house within a matter of minutes due to how powerful the pump they brought was.

The service charge was a fraction of what I expected to spend compared to other after hours emergency service calls I have had to make, and due to their speedy response the damage to my basement was manageable and I didn't need to make an insurance claim.

Their efforts to go the extra mile and do it in a speedy manner were hugely appreciated by my entire family."
J. McCall
"Great service! Quality team at Nevtro. Highly Recommended."
K. McClelland
"A great group of hard workers!"
J. McCall
"I trust how this business is run and how they care for their customers!"
K. Sall
"Very good industrial power washing equipment."
G. Doro
"Picked up a pump from these guys. Was told to see them from a neighbor. Was awesome. They had a ton of options and got what I needed. Would recommend."
S. Booker